Elume luxury soy candle enjoyed with coffee

The best winter candles.

There is nothing like the warmth of a scented candle to dissipate the bitterness of winter. That warm glow paired with familiar aromas emanating throughout the room creates the ideal ambience to keep you nice and cosy in winter. 

Make your home an inviting haven this winter by using fragrant candles and reed diffusers that evoke feelings of being rugged up by a wood fire with a warm drink and delicious baking aromas lingering from the kitchen. 

Some elume fragrances perfect for you this winter include Cinnamon Spice, Caramel Vanilla, Creme Caramel, Indian Sandalwood, Mahogany & Ylang, Oriental Musk, Smokey Woods and Vanilla Nutmeg.

Try them today. 

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