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The question we get asked the most!

‘Do I really need to trim the wick?’, the short answer: yes! 

Whether you are about to light one of our signature pillars, luxury soy candles or one of our smaller options in the petite and mini candle range, trimming the wick to about 5mm with a wick trimmer (scissors or even clean nail clippers) before every burn is very important. It will promote a tranquil, balanced flame giving an even burn and longevity to your candle. 

Wicks that are too long promote an uncontrolled, dull flame which often results in a mushroom cap wick. The candle will burn through faster as the flame need more energy (wax) and will produce smoke. This could result in jar candles such as our luxury soy candles, surf, petite or minis leaving the jar covered in black soot. No one wants a black smokey jar.

With proper candle care, you will be able to enjoy your elume candle for hours and hours.

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