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Mark & Joelle Lavender Founders and Owners of Elume

Mark and Joelle Lavender, first dreamed up the idea of elume in Vancouver, Canada back in 1998 over a cup of coffee in a bookstore on a chilly winter’s day. Their vision was to create the most unique, colourful, beautifully fragranced, premium quality candles in the Australian market.

Mark had been working as an environmental scientist in Sydney when he decided to take a break to visit family in Vancouver. During this visit, Mark met Joelle, and the break eventually turned into permanent residency for two years.

Mark had always dreamed of owning his own business and used his time in Vancouver to research ideas that might be unique in Australia. He lucked into a job at a local candle company, and he gained some valuable expertise on the job about candle making. He was fascinated by the processes involved and it even had a scientific side to it that interested him. 

Together, they began to make plans to move to Australia and start-up elume. Since the idea was so groundbreaking, it was very difficult to source the materials needed. Mark’s science background came in very handy in formulating fragrances and colours, he can be credited with inventing our original signature pillar candles. It was a very tricky process to create the beautiful snowflake effect that elume is known for. Through sheer hard work and determination and overcoming many roadblocks along the way, Joelle and Mark succeeded in bringing elume candles to life in 1999.

Elume started small and grew slowly, but their products have stood the test of time with a loyal following. With complete creative control, elume has been setting trends in fragrant candles and are constantly evolving into new and unique products, all hand poured in their Sydney factories. Only at elume can you find a huge selection of Pillar candles in a variety of colours and sizes, speciality ranges including Outdoors, Rustic, Surf Range and Christmas, Luxury soy container candles and Reed Diffusers, Soy Wax Melts, Soy Tealights, and our Mini Luxury soy candles.

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