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How long will my elume candle last?

All elume candles are freshly poured regularly and never left sitting on our shelf for long. We label them with batch numbers printed on the bottom safety label. Our candles do not have an expiry date however, we add antioxidant to give them more longevity.

Unlike food products, candles should not expire. What can happen over time is that they may lose their colour and intensity of fragrance. When lighting an older candle, you may notice that it burns like normal, but the fragrance is minimal, if none at all. This is more likely to result with candles that are placed outside or in direct sunlight. Please keep this in mind for our outdoor candle range and pillar candles. Always replace the lid of our luxury soy candles in-between use to maintain fragrance intensity.

While candles may not truly expire, with proper candle care you can prolong the use of your pillar candles and jar candles.

For best results, we recommend burning your candle within 12-18 months of purchase. If you are anything like us, they never last that long anyway.

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