As Autumn leaves turn, have warmer scents burn.

Autumn is a stunning time of the year, perfectly shifting from the sweet and fruity scents of summer moving into the warmer earthy fragrances. As the days become shorter and temperatures fall, let the warm and cosy fragrances and hues inspire you.

Create a snug haven in your home with some delicious, scented candles. Whether you are a lover of sugary scents, something musky and woody or even spices, elume can offer you that perfect fragrance to excite you this Autumn.

CARAMEL VANILLA: Like freshly baked dessert, caramel vanilla creates the ultimate calming ambience with the soothing essence of classic vanilla bean and sweetness of caramel. This warm and homely aroma is the perfect pair to your autumn baking.

GREEN TEA: A cleansing green fragrance brimming with herbal notes for an uplifting feel. While tea is well-known for its refreshing quality, the aroma of thyme helps stimulate the mind, strengthen memory and concentration, and calm the nerves.

ORIENTAL MUSK: Conjure memories of childhood trips to the corner shop for musk sticks and lolly pops with this exquisite and intriguing fragrance of sugary florals and sheer musk. 

PATCHOULI: The woody and mellow character of patchouli unexpectedly paired with an invigorating citrus note for an uplifting fragrant experience. Strong and earthy notes are blended with florals and spice inviting a sense of relaxation. Our deep blue pillar candles add that luxurious pop of colour to your living space.

SANDALWOOD: Let the earthy and exotic fragrance transport to a place relaxation and warmth. This sophisticated fragrance is a blend of spicy, smokey, sweet and floral notes. As the autumn leaves turn crisp, bring that woodsy season air inside and create a warm mood in your home.

SMOKEY WOODS: Nothing beats the smell of a smokey campfire. Relax and unwind with this warm and woody fragrance of smokey embers and creamy vanilla on an earthy bed of patchouli and soft leather. Our dark pillars make such a statement while emanating the feeling of being warm and cosy.

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Like to try more of the elume range? These stunning Autumn fragrances plus more are available in our extensive range of Luxury Soy Candles, Reed Diffusers, Soy Wax Melts, Tealights, Three Wick Candles and Mini Soy Candles.

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