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Elume offer gorgeous products in all the hues and fragrances of Easter. From our luxury candles and diffusers, to lotions, washes, tealights and melts, elume’s beautiful palette make the most appropriate Easter gifts. 


Spread joy and love with our pink packaging. Oriental Musk will conjure memories of childhood trips to the corner shop for musk sticks and lolly pops with this exquisite and intriguing fragrance of sugary florals and sheer musk. 


Representing happiness and love, our yellow boxes will really stand out at Easter. Coconut Lime is lively and citrusy with coconut at the heart, topped off with a spritz of juicy lime. White Nectarine Blossom is like sweet Italian orange blossoms, jasmine and cyclamen blended with juicy nectarine and leafy green notes balanced out by smooth musks and sweet vanilla.


A display of hope, the green and blue will make a stunning display. Kiwi Waterlily is like fresh night blooming waterlilies combined with a hint of sweet kiwi for an enchanting and delicate fragrance. Thai Lemongrass will refresh and invigorate your mind with a burst of uplifting lemongrass essential oil. 


Signifying purity and glory. Our stunning signature pillars in whites will make a wonderful Easter display. Combine Magnolia, Coconut Lime and Caramel Vanilla together for a sweet and refreshing blend. 


A display of humility and melancholy. Such a significant colour of Easter, be sure to use our Lavender Lemongrass in your Easter display. The aroma creates a feeling of calm and balance with the therapeutic benefits of French lavender and the uplifting and cleansing note of lemongrass. 

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