Give Your Customers the Bold Beauty of Elume Candles

The use of candles traces back thousands of years, practically to the beginning of time. Through the centuries, candles served as a source of light and in celebrations and religious ceremonies. They were more of a necessity or luxury than a decorative item.

Today, candles are more popular than ever as decorative items and for use in aromatherapy. They add beauty to any décor and release intoxicating fragrances into the air that relax you and enhance your mood. Everyone has their favourite type of scent from woodsy, to citrus, to floral.

People have become more educated about candles over the years. They now understand the benefits of aromatherapy and the different qualities of materials used to produce them. Their increased knowledge and a growing desire to find a quality product have helped Elume grow into an even more popular brand. The very features that the company implemented in its first product are the same ones that consumers care about today.

Despite the growing popularity of candles in Australia and around the globe, consumers still have problems finding the quality of candles they want to buy. Many of the commercial brands don’t produce quality or consistent fragrance. A poorly designed wick allows candles to burn too quickly, producing less of the desired scent as the candle grows shorter.

Even more worrisome for many consumers is the potential lead content. Candles made with zinc and tin cores can release lead particles into the air as they burn. Today’s educated consumer knows the dangers lead poses, even in small quantities.

Elume candles offer a safer and more enjoyable experience in every way. Elume makes each candle using natural ingredients that result in a cleaner burning candle without potential lead exposure.

The History of Elume Candles

Mark and Joelle Lavender began making bold and beautiful candles in 1999. They found their niche by meeting the demand of Australian consumers for high-quality candles that were locally made. The Lavenders put their experience to work, using the best quality ingredients to make a candle with the best possible burn.

The candle line, which featured either all cotton wicks or cotton wicks with a paper core, quickly gained a following that continues today. Mark and Joelle’s use of a paraffin and vegetable oil blend resulted in creating a bold coloured candle with a snowflake effect that the brand is known for. These were Elume’s original pillar candles which have always been their best selling product. Their original pillar candles are still sought for their bold and beautiful appearance. The company has also extended to meet the growing demand for more versatile candles with:

  • Mini soy votives
  • Petite soy candles with matching lotions and washes
  • Specialty Ranges Including Elume Outdoors and Elume Christmas
  • Soy Wax Containers
  • Soy Wax Melts

Elume uses cotton to make their wicks. They are 100% lead-free so they’re much safer to use. The natural ingredients also create a better burn that delivers a constant release of fragrance.
Soy candles made from soybeans are more environmentally friendly. They offer multiple benefits to the user including a longer lasting candle, better scent, and a cleaner burn that produces little to no soot. Many people like soy candles because the renewable source is a better choice for the environment. But the natural ingredients used in Elume candles also make them more enjoyable for a longer time.

Elume candles have all the features that consumers want in their candles. They have quality scents, burn longer, and look beautiful in any setting. They burn longer, so they’re always a better buy.

A Place for Elume Candles in Your Shop

The popularity of Elume candles makes them a good product choice for all types of shops. No matter what kinds of products or services you sell, candles are something that all types of people enjoy.
Large department stores almost always carry some brand of candles. The problem for customers is that they tend to have the same brand wherever they go. You can offer them something different that they really want. It’s easy and affordable to start offering Elume in your:

  • Pharmacy
  • Specialty shop
  • Hair salon
  • Spa
  • Lingerie shop
  • Home décor shop
  • Boutique
  • Post office

The Elume brand has a large following that ensures that they will sell. You don’t need a candle shop to make candles a part of your business. Once you have them where customers can see and smell them, the candles virtually sell themselves. We’ve already done the hard work of building the brand. All you must do is apply to Elume and start enjoying the benefits of a well-established candle company.
If you are interested in stocking Elume in your shop, you can apply for wholesale access on our website. Once you receive approval, you can enjoy many of the conveniences of being an Elume representative. Order new inventory online whenever you run low. Receive our company newsletters, so you always know what’s new and what’s most popular among the Elume products.
You’ll have access to special offers online and know whenever a new product launches. No matter where your location is in Australia, deliveries are extra quick. You have the quality candles consumers crave with almost no time investment required.

The large consumer following for Elume candles will give you an advantage in your shop. They give your existing customers access to a high-quality product they want to buy. They’ll buy their favourite candles while they’re in your shop instead of spending their money somewhere else.

Once people realise you are stocking Elume products, you’ll get new customers in your shop too. The well-known brand will help bring new people into your shop. They will share their shopping experience with others and help grow your business.

Elume makes it easy to carry their products, and to give your customers a valuable product that they appreciate. Visit our website today and apply for wholesale access. Once you’re approved, you’ll have access to the range of Elume candles that your customers will love!