Follow these important steps before lighting your next candle!

Elume have been supplying our customers with the most extensive range of candles in the Australian market since 1999! All hand-poured in our Sydney factory, we offer Luxury Soy Candles, Signature Pillar Candles, Three Wick Candles, Outdoor Candles, Rustic Pillar Candles, Mini Soy Candles and Tealights. We use premium waxes, fragrances and our handmade cotton wicks. We take every care in the production of our candles and with some simple maintenance at home, you will be able to enjoy your elume candle for endless hours of exquisite opulence.


Whether you are about to light a jar candle or pillar candle, some basic steps should be followed to ensure a beautiful clean burn without smoking or tunnelling. First, remove the elume label off the pillar candle and place pillar on a heat proof dish. Candles should be positioned away from anything that can catch on fire, away from children and pets and away from draughts. Straighten the wick before lighting. 


When lighting your elume jar candle for the first time, allow your candle to burn until the soy wax melts across the entire surface of the jar. Creating this smooth burn will prevent tunnelling and allow your candle to last longer. Tunnelling is where only the wax surrounding the wick melts, a tunnel down the centre of the candle is created wasting the redundant wax on the edge of the vessel.

When lighting your elume pillar candle for the first time, allow burning until the wax melts close to the edge of the pillar candle, leaving approximately a 1cm edge. Be sure to set aside a few hours to allow for the proper burn time. Creating this wax pool will allow your candle to last longer and not tunnel down the middle. With your elume Three Wick Candle, allow the 3 wax pools to met and form one large wax pool.

Always allow plenty of time for this initial process. Aim to allow 1 hour of burning time for every 2cm diameter melt. It must be done properly to ensure longevity of your candle. This initial burn sets the candle memory as the wax will not melt beyond this point in subsequent burns.   


Avoid blowing your candle out and instead extinguish with a snuffer. If you do not have a snuffer, simply dip the wick into the hot wax pool, then straighten back up. This is the most efficient way to avoid smoking. 


Trim the wick to 6mm for every burn after the initial lighting. The shorter wick encourages a brighter and stable flame. A longer wick will cause smoking and mushrooming of the wick. Mushrooming is when the top of the wick forms a mushroom shape distorting the shape of the flame.

Store candles in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. Keep wax pool free of debris – dust, wicks and matchsticks. When the candle only has 1cm left, discontinue use. Place the candle on a non-flammable holder and remove labels. Place away from draughts, direct sunlight and out of reach from children, pets and flammable materials. Do not exceed a burning time of 4 hours and never leave a burning candle unattended. If you have a group of candles, place each candle at least 10cm apart, this will prevent each candle from being heated up and melting from the surrounding candles. 

Burning your candle for no more than 4 hours at a time will maintain the integrity of the wick coating that we apply and ensure the wicks will stay upright and away from the sides of the jar. If a flame goes too close to the side of the jar, there is a chance the glass will crack from the heat. In addition, we use extra-long, self-extinguishing wick tabs to make sure the candle doesn’t burn too close to the bottom of the jar. As one more safety feature, we have our glassware thermal shock tested against extreme heat.

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