3 wick signature pillar candles

3 Wick Pillar Scented & Large Candles

Enjoy the beautiful scent of our handcrafted 3 wick pillars for endless hours. Our pillar candles are the Elume originals, featuring our popular fragrances and the characteristic “snowflake effect” look of the wax. Each round 3 wick pillar scented candle measure 6” x 4” and offers 100+ hours of enchanting burn time.

With a variety of unique fragrances, it’s hard to choose just one 3 wick candle. If you adore the tranquil scents of summer gardens, you’ll enjoy Elume’s Magnolia Gardenia or Spanish Rose candle. For the uplifting effect of fruity notes, consider Berry Passionfruit or Guava and Plum, or experience the sensual aroma of our Indian Sandalwood candle, or choose our Sweet Patchouli 3 Wick. Sweet and comforting, try our Coconut Vanilla Bean or Caramel Vanilla. Whatever fragrance you choose, you’ll enjoy every moment your living space is filled with one of these delightful scents.

You can add a pillar candle to your living room for the fragrance and aesthetic effect, bedrooms, kitchen, and they even make lovely additions to home bathrooms. Pair our 3 wick round candles with our other pillar candle sizes and different scents to create an interesting focal point of varying heights and colours in any area of your home.

There’s a scented candle for every mood in our 3-wick collection. Create the ambience you want and delight your senses with premium quality candles. Made from a blend of refined paraffin and vegetable waxes and finished with a cotton wick, you know you’re getting superior burn quality and the best possible experience with Elume candles.

Browse our large 3-wick pillar candles today. They make a perfect gift for a special occasion or a special treat for yourself, adding fragrance, beauty, and elegance to any space.

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