Elume is an Australian candle company and was established in 1999.The founders, Mark and Joelle Lavender, had a vision of creating a bold and beautiful candle range using exotic and delicious fragrances.

They found a niche for their products where consumers were yearning for high quality, Australian made candles.  Mark and Joelle were already experienced candle makers which gave them the expertise needed to get started.  Mark also has an Environmental Science background, and his experience has proven to be very useful in the development of our products. Candle making is actually a very scientific process and environmental awareness is also important when it comes to choosing waxes and raw materials.

The beginnings:

Elume's signature range of scented pillar candles with a characteristic ‘snowflake effect’ was the first product developed using highly refined paraffin wax blended with vegetable waxes. The wicks are all cotton, or cotton with a paper core and contain no lead. The emphasis was on creating the best possible burn, using the best quality ingredients.  This range still exists and currently consists of 23 different fragrances.  Pillar candles have now expanded into specialty ranges including Outdoors and Christmas.

Throughout the history of elume, consumers have become much more aware of the value of a quality candle. Shop owners have also become more educated about candles, and this has helped us spread the word about our products!  However, with this increased consumer knowledge and interest in candles, we have also found that there is a great deal of incorrect information circulating regarding waxes used in candles, particularly paraffin wax.  Elume uses different waxes for different purposes, including paraffin wax for our pillar candles, and we would like to emphasize the fact that paraffin wax is not toxic and is in fact very safe to use in candles.  Please see our page ‘waxes explained’ for further detailed information.

Our passion, experience, quality and dedication have helped establish the following elume still enjoys today, and we have achieved our goal of providing the consumer with the best value for their money and beautiful products for everyone to enjoy!

All of our products are still proudly hand poured by Mark and Joelle in our Sydney factory, and elume is a well established family business.